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  • Patrick Tenore “NEGOTIATOR OF THE YEAR” 40 Year Realtor Veteran Direct Line: (949) 887-8829 PatrickTenore@gmail.com
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    PATRICK TENORE is extraordinary because he has respectably served by so many of my clients you know of. See their stellar testimonies in the forwarding pages, that will make you smile. His success is astounding to everyone, having personally sold nearing $1BILLION dollars personally which is a feat no other Realtor we know of has accomplished in Orange County personally.

    PATRICK TENORE, is an extremely successful well respected 40-year veteran real estate specialist based in Newport Beach and services ALL of Orange County and Coastal properties. He is here to serve you and ensure your positive real estate lifestyle as he has so many others. He has many exclusive homes that are entrusted only to his company to sell for his clientele that are not listed on the MLS in all price ranges throughout ALL Orange County. 

    This site is designed for you to search freely ALL homes available in Orange County and Nationwide with NO log in required. Our online Real Estate Property Search allows you full access to the Multiple Listings Services “MLS” which gives you full access to ALL other Realtor’s properties. It is also designed to educate you in today’s real estate market and procedures, giving you expert knowledge that will enhance your experience as both a buyer and seller. However, please understand, it is our Stellar cutting edge techniques and utilizing the services of PATRICK that makes all the difference in the world over any other Realtor in the county. Simply look at and compare the results and testimonies of sales figures and happily served customers. After all, this is one of your largest investments ever that your family trusts YOU with-no time to gamble on it. Do not be one of the horror legal stories. You may never recover.

    Patrick Tenore, as President of Nationwide USA, Real Estate Company cannot sit behind a desk.  He chooses to be an active Realtor leading by example for his agents providing Outstanding service to every client; big or small. Your purchase price or sale size makes no difference anywhere throughout Orange County & Oceanfront areas. And our “Networking "referral service handles transactions throughout ALL of the United States.

    Patrick lives in and is based in Newport Beach and services ALL cities in Orange County for 40 successful years. Patrick, a decorated and acclaimed Realtor, Speaker and Author is clearly one of the top Realtors in the United States and was formerly the #1 agent INTERNATIONALLY for Re/Max Realtors in the WORLD (all offices) in commissions earned. 

    Patrick believes however, it is the CLIENT who is #1! Always. And every intelligent client should expect and demand that their agent has a proven seasoned track record, a detailed point by point blueprint for their family’s specific needs and success, provide total communication and numerous references to back themselves up. Some Realtors say once people get past their friends, neighbors and relative agents, they may find a more suitable option. You would not go to a pharmacist in a white smock because they look like a doctor and say; “Hey Doc, I am having a heart attack, here is a butter knife, open me up! Would you? Inexpert advice may cost you everything.

    After all, this is one of the largest investments you will ever make for your family and they look to YOU! NO time to fumble. Patrick has the confidence and respect of his clients and his fellow Realtors.

    This wonderful website is designed for you to use for your real estate needs. Search for your next home that fits your lifestyle and even get an estimate of your home’s value or simply contact Patrick, an expert, for no charge or obligation who will do it all for you! He practices what he preaches and can back it up. Please peruse this site designed for you. You will be glad you did. For results and compassionate clear understanding, contact Patrick Tenore directly at: (949) 887-8829. Again, you will be glad you did!

    Thank you and enjoy this web site (and testimonies) designed for you!  Happiness and Success Always.

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