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Patrick Tenore

1300 Bristol St. North, First Floor
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Cell: (949) 856-9705

PATRICK TENORE – President of NATIONWIDE USA Real Estate is stepping out to Lead by his stellar example to add on to his $1 Billion in personal sales! Patrick was the former #1 agent for Re/Max Realtors Internationally (in the World) in commissions earned. PATRICK is an extraordinary successful 40 year real estate veteran who has Mastered the Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Southern California, Oceanfront properties and all of Orange County cities real estate over the past 40 years. Patrick was recognized as one of the top Realtors in the Nation. Patrick Now is here to serve you and your family honestly and discretely to ensure your positive real estate lifestyle change. And with Patrick’s proven Negotiating skills, you will get all you can in any bargaining situation and more. As a Real Estate Author, he shares
his secrets freely.

Patrick’s web site: PATRICKTENORE.COM is designed for YOU to search freely ALL homes available in the MLS of Orange County (and anywhere) with NO log in required. Online Real Estate Property Search allows you full unfettered access to the area’s Multiple Listings Service/MLS. It is also designed to educate you in today’s real estate market and procedures, giving you expert knowledge that will enhance your experience as both a buyer and seller. As President of our corporation, Patrick Will work with buyers and sellers; Big or smaller in any OC City! What a treat What a Reward and it cost you NO more!

Patrick Tenore is President and sole Owner of Nationwide USA Real Estate Company and provides Outstanding service to every client, big or smaller. Size makes no difference. However, Patrick has represented so many “A” list Major TV and Movie Celebrities, Top of the chart Major Rock Stars, Professional Athletes and so on that he has been called the “Realtor to the Stars”…. but has remained grounded to his endured clients-the couple that really need a home and need a real genuine Realtor who will go all-out for them and not the commission. Patrick has foregone his commission to help out in instances.

Patrick has serviced Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Corona del Mar, Costa Mesa and all cities of Orange County for 41 successful years. Every client should expect their agent to have a proven track record of EXTREME Proven Success and Happy satisfied clients. If not-they should get their money back! That is our Policy! Patrick has the confidence and respect of his clients and his fellow Realtors. However, Success does breed Contempt Patrick’s Celebrities do caution.
Use Patrick’s real estate website PATRICKTENORE.COM for all your real estate needs. Search for the next home of your dreams, let Patrick address you-or even give you an estimate of your home’s value. Or contact Patrick who will “Do it all” for you. He practices what he preaches and walks his talk..for 41 star studded award winning years of success and Personal sales of an unheard of $1 Billion in sales sensational Milestone. ALL Personal sales-with NO assistants or other agents sales volume. What a feat No one has dared to reach that we know of. Please peruse Patrick’s site-you will be glad you did! or call Patrick at (949) 856-9705. Email: Please contact him. Good luck, but in today’s so competitive real estate market, you need more than luck — you need the Best. Thank you and most respectfully.
Happiness & Success Always!